on the search: penny loafers

So as of recently I have decided to get a pair of penny loafers! Here is what I have found, any thoughts? tory burch madewell toast  G.H. Bass & Company for J.Crew anthro love always, amy Advertisements

how pinteresting!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I was out of town last weekend and have been super busy so far this week! BUT I have big news…I am in love (seriously people, LOVE!) I finally got my invite to pinterest.com and have fallen head over heels. Ok, so maybe I am being a … Continue reading

my first post!

I am going to dedicate my first post to my cousins, Jason and Anna. I know it is very easy to be proud of people you love and I can say that they are two of the best photographers I know and you probably would  just think “yeah, yeah whatever” but in all seriousness, their … Continue reading

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