Texas dream home

Let me just start out by saying, oh my gosh, this house is AMAZING. I stumbled across it last week and decided I had to share, I’m absolutely in love with it. There are very (very) few things I would actually change about this house. PS- be aware, there were so many amazing rooms/pictures this … Continue reading

DIY Wine Bottle Candlesticks

As a college student and someone who has lived in 6 (maybe 7?) different places in the last 5 years, it is hard to decorate with all of the mixed match/temporary furniture. But I have decided to start trying some DIY projects and chose to start with wine bottle candlesticks. I stumbled across the photo … Continue reading

how pinteresting!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I was out of town last weekend and have been super busy so far this week! BUT I have big news…I am in love (seriously people, LOVE!) I finally got my invite to pinterest.comĀ and have fallen head over heels. Ok, so maybe I am being a … Continue reading

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