this week: the perfect kitchen

Hello all, I’m backkk! Sorry I have been completely MIA in the last month (or two!) I feel like my life has been crazy busy lately and I just haven’t gotten around to posting-but I promise to start up again! (I know everyone is so excited/relieved)

Since my obsession with Pinterest started (yes, it is still going strong) I have been absolutely absorbed in getting ideas for my dream home (above), so this week I will start with my kitchen. I have decided that with my first house I want to completely DIY. I know this may sound crazy but I love the idea of taking something gross, old and ugly and making it beautiful and all mine. Anyways, after looking around I have found that I love butcher block counter tops and beams on the ceilings, I know the possibility of having them in my first home is kind of ludicrous but hey, a girl can dream right?

how pretty are those?

this kitchen is perfect, I honestly don’t know if I would change a single thing

ok, so I had to add this one for the amazing beams and exposed brick, the colors are a little too light for me but I still love it

helloooo organization! these drawers are awesome

I realize these aren’t butcher block counter tops but I really like the navy and white

this is just perfection, even better than the one above!

{all images via pinterest}

I’m going to Chicago for the 4th of July so expect to see some pictures soon!



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