how pinteresting!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I was out of town last weekend and have been super busy so far this week!

BUT I have big news…I am in love (seriously people, LOVE!) I finally got my invite to and have fallen head over heels. Ok, so maybe I am being a little extreme, but it is seriously awesome! In a nutshell it is a website where you “pin” photos you like onto a digital “board” into the categories of your choosing (home, fashion, DIY, etc.) I asked for an invitation a week or so ago and have been playing around with it a little but today was my first day to actually get to use it and its great. I have always complained about boys playing video games (what girl doesn’t at some point?) mainly because I don’t think it is fair they can buy a game for $60 and have unlimited “fun” and there is nothing equivalent for girls, but ladies, there is now!

here are the links to my boards-sign on up and follow me!

love always,


PS-had to add this video from glee last night…he is dreamy


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