Texas dream home

Let me just start out by saying, oh my gosh, this house is AMAZING. I stumbled across it last week and decided I had to share, I’m absolutely in love with it. There are very (very) few things I would actually change about this house. PS- be aware, there were so many amazing rooms/pictures this … Continue reading

on the search: penny loafers

So as of recently I have decided to get a pair of penny loafers! Here is what I have found, any thoughts? tory burch madewell toast  G.H. Bass & Company for J.Crew anthro love always, amy

this week: the perfect kitchen

Hello all, I’m backkk! Sorry I have been completely MIA in the last month (or two!) I feel like my life has been crazy busy lately and I just haven’t gotten around to posting-but I promise to start up again! (I know everyone is so excited/relieved) Since my obsession with Pinterest started (yes, it is … Continue reading

DIY Wine Bottle Candlesticks

As a college student and someone who has lived in 6 (maybe 7?) different places in the last 5 years, it is hard to decorate with all of the mixed match/temporary furniture. But I have decided to start trying some DIY projects and chose to start with wine bottle candlesticks. I stumbled across the photo … Continue reading

how pinteresting!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I was out of town last weekend and have been super busy so far this week! BUT I have big news…I am in love (seriously people, LOVE!) I finally got my invite to pinterest.com and have fallen head over heels. Ok, so maybe I am being a … Continue reading

stripe it

Happy Wednesday everyone! Two of my friends Laura Ladd and Chris Poff are currently in the process of buying a house! It is so exciting (and scary, we actually have to grown up?) and the other day Laura Ladd (LLP) asked us to come over and look at the house, and let me tell you, … Continue reading

my first post!

I am going to dedicate my first post to my cousins, Jason and Anna. I know it is very easy to be proud of people you love and I can say that they are two of the best photographers I know and you probably would  just think “yeah, yeah whatever” but in all seriousness, their … Continue reading

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